All About Health:
Natural Health Care on Whidbey Island

All About Health Natural Health Care on Whidbey IslandAll About Health is a natural health consulting business owned by Dr. Karen Carbone.

All About Health provides clients with information and education about health issues. Dr. Carbone strives to help clients through the maze of data about supplements and natural products on the market. She assists clients in identifying their objectives for health and wellness and delivers a point of accountability for them as they implement lifestyle changes to benefit their health.

All About Health clients are able to explore holistic health techniques in a safe environment. Dr. Carbone is well established in the Whidbey Island community and assists clients with referrals to other medical service providers depending on their individual need.

Dr. Carbone has been involved in healthcare for over 30 years, in both the traditional system and in complementary and alternative medicine. Before beginning All About Health she worked in hospital nursing and administration, was a senior executive with Blue Cross, and was responsible for developing integrative new products. Dr. Carbone built and operated a community pharmacy for 8 years and elected to return to school for additional training in natural health.

My philosophy is to help individuals improve, or maintain, health and well being. I find it exciting and personally fulfilling to help people make positive changes that move them toward a healthier life.
—Dr. Karen Carbone